Demo 2015

by Holodomor

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released September 2, 2015

Gravado ao vivo @ Estúdio Rota 55
Mixado por Ars Abyssus @ Umbra Gaia Estúdios
Masterizado por Pedro Carvalho
Capa por Julio Lapagesse []
Logo por João Martin Jr. []
Layout por Giulliano Andrade Amorim



all rights reserved


Holodomor Manaus, Brazil

Banda de hardcore com afinação baixa duns caras que curtem Hellhammer. Formada em Manaus em março de 2015.

Sem deuses, sem mestres, sem patrões.


Low-tuned hardcore band from some dudes who're into Hellhammer. Formed in Manaus - Amazon - Brazil on March 2015.

No gods, no masters, no bosses.
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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Jesus Is a Cunt
Born in Bethlehem
Son of a carpenter
Child of the holy ghost
They should’ve made you toast

Jesus is a cunt

Christ lies broken in the cross
Tortured by his own
And left there to rot

Jesus is a cunt
Track Name: Lobotomized
Just believe what you’re told
Not questioning anyone
It’s easier to stay quiet
Feeding off a stupidity diet
Why think for yourself
When others can do it for you

Lobotomized (8x)

Live it all just smiling and accepting
A whole life without questioning
In the end all that’s worth
Is just acting like you’re told

Lobotomized (8x)
Track Name: Kali-Yuga Blues
Desperate times
Call for desperate measures
Poison in your veins
To take away the pain
Just one more hit
That’s what makes you tick
Through this
Living Hell
This is / The age of quarrel
To make it through the day
Just lock yourself away
Track Name: Apocalyptic Hangover
Grown on fear
Nurtured with death
Addicted to violence
Hung on despair
Eyes see no future
No bright horizons
There’s only sorrow
At the end of this path
Just another drop
Before we all rot
Let it all go to waste
With no time to wait
Prepare for when it’s all over
All that’s left / Is an apocalyptic hangover